About Us


UNYA Kenya envisions a society where youth become responsible participating citizens


“To cultivate and build a generation of young leaders who promote peace, intercultural and inter religious understanding, socioeconomic development and cooperation while working to eradicate youth unemployment, regional disintegration, diseases and all forms of social injustices."

Who We Are

The United Nations Youth Association of Kenya (UNYA Kenya) is a national non-profit membership organization established in 2013 in order to promote the effective participation of youth including young women and girls with the United Nations. We primarily focus on policies for Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality, Human Rights as well as Social Integration, to advance the mandate of the United Nations while empowering youth to become worthwhile contributors to societal development.

The organization is made up of chapters spread across the country representing university students, marginalized youth, young women and girls’ and youth led organizations. We connect together to build synergy leveraging on the resources thus harnessing the intellectual capacity of our youth to promote peace, democracy, tolerance, economic empowerment, cultural diversity and facilitate human development.

The United Nations Youth Association is a National Membership Organization registered under Section 10 CAP.108 of the Societies Act with Authority from the State Law Office, Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General in Kenya.

Internationally, UNYA Kenya is affiliated to the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) www.wfuna.org through the United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET) www.unyanet.org based in New York and Geneva respectively.

Our Mandate

  • Promoting national cooperation in the field of the youth and recommending appropriate policies.

  • Monitoring the status of the youth nationally as well as gathering and disseminating youth information.

  • Catalysing youth awareness and action to address major youth fears among government(s), the private sector and civil society.

  • Facilitating the coordination of UN activities on matters concerned with youth, and ensuring, through cooperation, liaison and participation that their activities take youth considerations into account.

  • Developing national and regional programmes for youth sustainability.

  • Helping, upon request, youth ministries and other youth authorities, particularly in marginalized regions and County governments with economies in transition, to formulate and implement youth policies.

  • Providing County-level youth capacity building and technology support.