What are the benefits of membership in UNYA Kenya?

  1. With an upcoming office within the United Nations Complex in Gigiri Nairobi, UNYA Kenya facilitates interaction with the United Nations system at all levels. UNYA Kenya holds ECOSOC consultative status. This means that UNYA Kenya can participate actively in UN meetings and provide substantive contribution to decisions taken by the UN on all fields closely involved with the economic and social life of the peoples and regional areas its membership represent. In practice, UNYA Kenya membership allows Chapter representatives to take part in certain UN meetings and conferences.

  2. UNYA Kenya sends regular information and updates about the work of the United Nations to its members through pathways such as the website, the online newsletter, the yahoo group, targeted and group emails, and mail-outs.

  3. UNYA Kenya enjoys privileged relationships with most UN agencies, funds and programmes and helps national Chapters create a link with these UN bodies.

  4. UNYA Kenya assists Chapters to connect with local UN offices to strengthen their relationship with the UN, and develop partnerships for organizing events and projects, as well as providing possible access to expertise, potential speakers for events, and UN publications and resources.

  5. UNYA Kenya facilitates interaction amongst Chapters by liaising Chapters with similar interests and projects, and by facilitating meetings and opportunities to exchange contacts, information and best practices.

  6. UNYA Kenya organizes capacity-building events and projects as part of its membership services as well as in the context of its thematic projects. Participating Chapters may be the beneficiaries of such training and capacity-building. In addition, the Secretariat often provides advice and assistance to Chapters when they are initiating new projects such as Model UN.

  7. UNYA Kenya runs projects relating to the three pillars of the UN (sustainable development, human rights and peace and security) and invites Chapters to become partners and/or participate.

  8. UNYA Kenya promotes the upcoming events and recent achievements of Chapters through its website, publications, public statements and other communications initiatives.

  9. Chapters are invited to send a delegation to UNYA Kenya Plenary Assembly every three years, and other WFUNA organized conferences and events.

How a Chapter is usually funded?

The funding for the core budget and programming of Chapters usually comes from a variety of sources:

  1. Governments – some Chapters receive funding from the annual budget of their National and County Government, usually the Ministry of youth.

  2. Foundations – most Chapters write fundraising proposals for each of their projects, which they submit for consideration to national or international foundations

  3. Corporations – some Chapters partner with companies for the purpose of running specific events or projects. It is important to take into consideration the Corporate Social Responsibility plan of any company approached for sponsorship – it is a good idea to consider companies that are members of the UN Global Compact (visit www.unyakenya.org for a list of companies under the UN Global Compact)

  4. Fundraising events – events such as dinners, galas, lunches and auctions can be organized to raise funds for core operating costs or special projects of the Chapter.

  5. Individuals – some Chapters enjoy the support of local philanthropists, or send an annual public mail-out soliciting funds from the general population

  6. In-kind donations – many Chapters have resources such as office space and equipment, computers and meeting spaces provided to them by local businesses, UNYA Kenya offices in the County or other partners