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Individuals, Corporates, non-governmental/non-profit making organizations and civil society which accept the objectives set in Article 2 of UNYA Kenya constitution and which are legally established in Kenya under the new constitution, are eligible to apply for Membership.

A person is eligible for Membership in the Association if they:

  • Are natural person between the ages of (18 to 33 years) and shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, become a Member on payment of the prescribed membership fees.

  • Support the objects of the Association in Article 2 of the constitution; and,

  • Is ready to attend at least two Association events in the present. The Bylaws shall prescribe those events that qualify as an “Association event” within the meaning of this Rule

An eligible person who lodges the Membership application form prescribed by the Executive Committee, at the similarly prescribed location(s) (or online), shall, upon the approval of their application by the Executive Committee, become a Member as of the date of that approval.

The Executive Committee must consider, and accept or reject by Executive motion, all applications submitted under sub-rule (2) at the Executive meeting immediately following the lodgements of the application form.

A person whose application for Membership of the Association is rejected under sub-rule (3) must, if they wish to appeal against that decision, give notice to the Executive Chairperson of their intention to do so within a period of 14 working days from the date they are advised of the rejection.

When notice is given under sub rule (4), the Association in a general meeting no later than the next annual general meeting, must either confirm or set aside the decision of the Executive Committee to reject the application, after having afforded the applicant who gave that notice a reasonable opportunity to be heard by, or to make representation in writing to, the Association in the general meeting.

Types of Membership within the Association

UNYA Kenya will have three types of Membership mainly:

  1. Ordinary Membership for one year (pay registration of 1,000/= only)

  2. Corporate Membership for five years (pay registration of 50,000/= only)

  3. Honorary/ Gold Life Membership (pay a single amount of 100,000/= only)

*The currency used is Kenya shillings*

Admission for Membership with UNYA Kenya

All applications for admissions as Members of the Association shall be accompanied by:

  • A dully filled Association Membership application form;

  • A certified copy of the constitution of the applicant partner organization;

  • A certificate from the competent legal authorities confirming that the establishment is in conformity with Kenyan laws;

  • A declaration signed by the Board Chair and the Chief Executive Officer of the applicant partner organization that it will cooperate with the Association and pay its dues to the Association regularly;

  • A declaration signed by the applicant seeking individual Membership that he/she will fully cooperate with the Association and pay prescribed dues to the Association regularly;

  • Submit a valid Certificate of Good Conduct from the Kenya Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters;

  • Copy of National Identity card/ valid Passport; and

  • Two passport size standard coloured photographs taken within the last six months.

  • Proof of payment of the prescribed registration fee.

Terminating Membership

Members shall continue to hold Membership in the Association unless and until:

  1. They die; or,

  2. They are expelled from the Association; or,

  3. They resign their Membership in writing to the Executive Chairperson; or,

  4. They fail to renew their Membership between the end of the financial year and the annual general meeting, by lodging a Membership renewal form with the Executive Chairperson.

Any Member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit his resignation to the Executive Chairperson, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the secretary of such notice.

Any Member may be expelled from Membership if the Executive Committee so recommends and if a general meeting of the Association shall resolve by a two-thirds majority of the Members present that such a Member should be expelled on the grounds that his conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the Association, or that he has contravened any of the provisions of the constitution of the Association.


The Executive Committee shall have power to suspend a Member from his Membership until the next general meeting of the Association following such suspension but notwithstanding such suspension, a Member whose expulsion is proposed shall have the right to address the general meeting at which his expulsions are to be considered. Any person who resigns or is removed from Membership shall not be entitled to a refund of his subscription or any part thereof or any moneys contributed by him at any time.

Any Member who fails to participate in three consecutive Association events automatically ceases to be a Member and his/her name shall be struck off the register of Members. For more information please feel free to write to us