Executive Function

The Secretary General of UNYA Kenya is responsible for all the activities of the Secretariat, including its administration. The Secretary General provides Youth policy leadership within the Association and identify emerging issues of global significance for the attention of government(s) and other partners.

The Secretary General provides management oversight and leadership to UNYA Kenya and directs the implementation of UNYA Kenya's program of work, which is decided by the Executive Committee. As well as overseeing the organization’s work, the Secretary General promotes close links with UNYA Kenya’s partners, including government(s), UN bodies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private sector entities.

The Office of the Secretary General coordinates an extensive schedule of appointments and visits with the purpose of raising national awareness about the importance of Youth for development and the work of UNYA Kenya. The Secretary General’s Special Advisor and the Department of Communications and Public Information (DCPI) will implement a proactive media strategy in close collaboration with Regional  Coordinators (RCCs) stationed in UNYA Kenya’s eight regional offices.

The Secretary General is assisted in the performance of his or her functions by a Deputy Secretary General, who advises the Secretary General on substantive matters, and assists in strategic planning and the development of management tools and instruments to enhance UNYA Kenya’s performance in its overall mission.

The Secretary General manages UNYA Kenya’s Program through the Department of Programme Coordination and Management (DPCM) supervising all departments and regional offices, is directly responsible for the mechanisms for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of UNYA Kenya’s program of work and the various activities earmarked for support by donors. The Secretary General also manages the project approval process and coordination of UNYA Kenya’s project portfolios with the UN Foundation and other private sector partners, as well as the office of the UN Secretary General’s envoy on youth.