What We Do

UNYA Kenya in Action

UNYA Kenya is the voice for the youth to the UN system and Government(s). It is an advocate, educator, catalyst and facilitator, promoting the empowerment of young women, girls and youth for sustainable development. The organization will work with many partners, including UN entities, international organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, business industry, the media and civil society.

UNYA Kenya’s work includes:

  • Assessing national youth conditions and trends.

  • Monitoring national youth agreements and legal instruments.

  • Strengthening institutions for the wise management of the youth projects.

  • Integrating young women, girls and youth in economic development and environmental protection.

  • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology to youth for sustainable development.

  • Encouraging new partnerships and approaches within civil society and the private sector.

UNYA Kenya’s Programme of work to promote and facilitate women and youth empowerment for sustainable development is implemented by five departments:

  1. Communications and Public Information.

  2. Finance and Operations

  3. Early Warning and Evaluation.

  4. Programme Coordination & Management.

  5. Regional Cooperation.

Department of Communication & Public Information

The Department of Communication and Public Information (DCPI) communicates core messages to all stakeholders and partners, raising awareness, influencing attitudes, behaviour and decisions related to youth and enhancing the profile of UNYA Kenya worldwide.

DCPI disseminates UNYA Kenya’s youth message through the media, internet, audio-visual and printed products, events such as International Youth Day, and youth prizes, including the UNYA Kenya young enterprise innovation award, young ambassadors of peace and the social integration through sports competition.

DCPI will accelerate UNYA Kenya’s programs on youth, conferences, awareness campaigns and other events; combined with targeted publications and a web site to educate women and youth about sustainable living. DCPI will also profile UNYA Kenya’s Programme on sports and theatre.

Department of Finance & Administration

The Department of Finance and Administration provides financial administration under financial regulations established by the Executive Committee including preparation of the budget, allocation of funds, controlling expenditure, custodian of all funds and administering such financial and budgetary arrangements with specialized agencies.

The DFA maintains a Financial Management Policy for following procedures to keep UNYA Kenya’s accounting system effective, transparent and easily manageable. The systemic policies such as operational and administrative manuals in place demonstrates good governance, transparency and systemic management of UNYA Kenya thus keeping track of all expenditures.

Department of Early Warning & Evaluation

The Department of Early Warning and Evaluation (DEWE) is responsible for analysing the state of the youth, providing early warning information and assessing national and regional youth trends to catalyse and promote national cooperation and action on youth.

DEWE provides the Kenyan government, non-state actors and the private sector with improved access to meaningful youth data and policy advice, and help to strengthen the capacity of government and non-state actors to use youth information for decision making and planning for sustainable development.

Department of Program Coordination & Management

The Department of Program Coordination and Management (DPCM)  is responsible for the management, administration and coordination of all the projects of the association as well as partnership programmes for effective and efficient flow of work.

The DPCM is headed by a Director of Programs who coordinates the different programs through the specific Program Managers. The DPCM is also in charge of fundraising and proposal writing in liaison with the Fundraising Committee; in addition the DPCM, through the help of the Executive Committee, will implement different programs earmarked for donor support.

These programs will be implemented on a 5 year calendar, from the national to regional level as well as working under the priority areas as announced in the UN Secretary-General’s 5 year action agenda through the office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

Department of Regional Cooperation

The Department of Regional Cooperation (DRC) helps to implement UNYA Kenya’s National programmes in the eight regions by initiating, coordinating and catalysing regional and sub-regional cooperation and action in response to youth problems and emergencies.

The department coordinates the work of eight regional offices which bring regional perspectives to the development of UNYA Kenya policies and programmes and present and enlist support for UNYA Kenya national policies in the regions.

DRC helps in the development and harmonization of policies and programmes on national and regional youth issues between and within government(s) in the regions, and provides advisory services to help governments translate global youth commitments into national action.

DRC also works to raise public awareness of national youth issues and create a consistency for youth action, promote cooperation between UNYA Kenya & other United Nations Association’s (UNA’s) in the East Africa region, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and broaden the constituency of UNYA Kenya.